Proektgidrostroy was founded, in 1993, by a group of hydro technical engineers.


Proektgidrostroy is able to produce these kinds of jobs:
  • All kinds of projects in the structure of marine transport;
  • Production of projects for reconstructions and new construction;
  • Engineering researches in the field of marine transport, including works that are done in tough conditions, on sea or in areas with high seismic activity;
  • Modeling and scientific research in the region of production of modern port complexes, channels and coast protection structures.
  • Dredging in sea channels;
  • Construction of coast-protection structures;
  • Construction of hydrotecnical buildings;
  • Clearing of sunken objects;
  • This time company done projects not only for specific complex but create ”Concept of deep-water port in Donuzlav Lake”, propose optimal decision to create navigable canal in Danube delta and proposition to build Oil terminal in Vung Ro bay.


"Proektgidrostroy" Ltd
app. 40, 39, Uspenskaya str.,
Odessa, 65125

tel./fax: +38 048 734-75-41
tel. +38 048 734-75-42